March 30, 2019

How to avoid being refused to travel under eTA Authorization?

Globe-trotting is no longer reserved for adventurous people or those with a business need in mind. People can now easily travel from one country to another without any difficulty provided they have all the necessary documents in place. In fact, you don’t even require a visa to visit many countries if the necessary rules are applicable to your country of residence.

Canada is one of those nations which has always opened its arms to people – be it to refugees looking to rehabilitate, expats seeking a new country of residence or simply tourists who want to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of this vast country. Canada is always welcoming. In fact, Canada has exempted visa for many countries and instead offers electronic travel authorization (eTA) as a simple procedure to enter the country. If you live in one of the many visa-exempted countries then all you need to do is go online, fill the necessary form, submit. Your eTA will be processed within no time.

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Of course, there are several things that you must know before you plan your trip to Canada. In this article, we will throw light at some of the important information that you must know. We will also give details about the eTA procedure so that your application doesn’t get rejected.  

What is eTA and How Different Is It From Visa       
You do not necessarily need a visa to enter Canada if you live in one of the visa-exempted countries listed by the Canadian authorities. Many European nations, such as Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany and other countries such as Hong Kong, Israel, Republic of Korea, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and many others are exempted from visa. It must be noted that in certain cases, only residents holding that particular country’s passport can avail eTA. However, apart from a valid passport, residents of these countries need approval called the Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). This is an entry condition that is applicable to all visa-exempt foreigner wishing to visit Canada. The eTA is electronically linked to your passport and is valid for up to five years. Once you have the eTA approval, you can fly to Canada as many times as you want. However, you cannot stay in the country for more than six months in one visit.

eTA is different from visa in the sense that it is much easier to get this approval. You do not need to visit the Canadian consulate in your country for visa approval.   

Can You Apply for eTA    
You need an eTA approval only if you are entering Canada by air. If however, you are entering the country via sea or land, you do not need the eTA travel document. If you need a visa to visit the country then you do not need eTA.  You may be eligible for Canada eTA if you fulfill one of the following criteria –

  • If you live in a country which is exempted from visa rule then you must apply for an eTA.
  • Permanent residents of the USA who can show their Green Card and passport on arrival need an eTA for entering Canada by air.

Not sure if you are eligible for eTA? Check here the requirements.

How Can You Apply for eTA
It is very easy to apply for an ETA Canada. All you need is a valid passport of a visa-exempt country. You can get your eTA within minutes if you fulfill all the required criteria. Since eTA is an online form, which cannot be completed offline, you need to keep certain information handy before you begin the procedure. Keep your passport, credit or debit card details, email address handy so that you can complete the form in one go. The questions in the eTA are –

  • Whether you are applying in someone else’s behalf – If you are filling the form not just for yourself but your entire family, you need to do it one at a time. There is no family version of the form. When you are filling the form for someone else, you will find a dropdown menu using which you have to state your relationship with the applicant. You will also need to fill in your details additionally (whether you are traveling with the applicant or not)
  • Travel Documents You Will Use While Visiting Canada – There are nine types of travel documents you can produce, all of which are listed in a drop-down menu.
  • Personal Information – You will need to give every detail from your passport, such as your passport number, the country which issued your passport, nationality stated in the passport. U.S citizens with a Green Card have to specially mention their citizenship status. You have to also mention your full name and marital status. If you have previously visited Canada, you have to mention the Canadian visa or permit number.
  • Employment Information – Every detail about your occupation, job title, the name of the employer or company, country, and city of your workplace have to be mentioned in this section.
  • Contact Information – The eTA form has a section where you have to enter your residential address, your email address and your preferred language for communication.
  • Travel Information – Though you do not necessarily need to have this information while filling up the form, it is better to give out the details about your date of travel, your flight time, etc.
  • Background Questions – Selecting a “yes” to any of the questions listed under background means that you have to provide additional information pertaining to each question. The questions in this section are about whether you have been denied entry to Canada previously, have you been convicted for a criminal offense, have you been diagnosed with tuberculosis or are in contact with someone with the disease, do you have any serious medical condition, etc.  
  • Consent and Declaration – Once you have filled the form with information best to your knowledge you will need to pay a processing fee.

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eTA is a simple and easy form to fill and once you have it you can easily fly to Canada without any hassle. However, you may be stopped at the airport by emigration authorities if they deem it necessary.