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Need to Know About Canadian eTA?

Travelling to Canada requires fulfilling various legal formalities to ensure hassle-free travelling. One such norm is eTA or Electronic Travel Authorisation. The primary purpose of eTA is to ensure that only authorised individuals gets entry into the nation. Here we provide all the necessary information and assistance to get an eTA for Canada.


What is eTA for Canada?

eTA is an authorisation of travelling or entry permit required by many countries from visa-exempt foreign nationals. A person from Canada’s visa-exempt countries must have an eTA in order to board a flight to Canada. You will need an eTA even when you are transiting through Canada by air. eTA for Canada is for five years. This is an automated system which is electronically linked to the passport.


Who needs eTA for Canada?

The Canadian government had introduced eTA to identify who is travelling from the visa-exempt nation. It is a mandatory document, which a foreign national of visa–exempt nation needs to visit Canada. But, eTA is only required if you are travelling by air. If you hail from the visa-exempted nation and are travelling by land transport i.e. train, bus, boat or cruise, then you don’t need eTA. However, you might need some other travel documents. Furthermore, any individual who has the citizenship of Canada or is a Canadian permanent residence doesn’t need eTA travel documents.


When was Canadian eTA implemented?


The Canadian eTA started on March 15th, 2016. It was made mandatory to identify foreign nationals and permanent residents of the United States who don’t need a visa to visit Canada. If you have an eTA, then you can travel to Canada as often as you want for short stays up to six months.


How can Canada eTa electronic travel authorisation agency help?


One of the best ways to get eTA is by applying online. You can depend on Canada eTa electronic travel authorisation agency to get an eTA without any problem. Here on our website, you will get complete assistance when it comes to eTA or other travelling document requirements when you are travelling to Canada. Individuals who wish to apply for eTA need to pay USD 67 as an application charge. Besides, you can also apply online by paying $7CAD on the Canada government site

Contact us today and we will assist you at every step of eTA application!