December 29, 2018

Why a trip to Canada should be on the top of your bucket list

ETA Visa Canada

This astoundingly captivating country is one that would excite even the most well-traveled of explorers. From culturally diverse cities to the spectacular peaks of the Rocky Mountains, you will be swept off your feet by the overwhelming scenery and history that this part of the world has to offer. It is a place that every person deserves to see and should definitely be in the running for your 2019 summer holiday.

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The wildlife

The animals that inhabitant the vast terrain of the Rockies may be many you have marveled at in captivity but imagine seeing a grizzly bear just a few feet from you fishing for salmon in the white waters of the valleys. Of course, you won’t be getting too close but on a guided tour with a professional, you can get up close and personal with these creatures in their natural surroundings.

Whale watching is also an opportunity Canada offer that will leave you far too amazed to even get the camera out. On a boat trip off the coast, you can see huge killer whales dive in and out of the ocean while interacting with you as you feed them. Killer whales or Orcas are very social creatures and travel in large pods with their families, so you will rarely ever just see one.

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In the very north of the country, you will also get a glimpse of a polar bear or two as these creatures roam the icy areas of the Arctic. And while you might have seen them lumber across the tundra to the calming voice of David Attenborough, there is nothing like looking upon them for yourself in the environment they thrive in.

The landscape

There are many ways you can get to see the snowy peaks and enchanting woodlands that decorate the natural landscape of Canada. From the magnificent pathways through the rugged terrains of lake country and the gentle prairies of Jaspar on The Canadian, to the legendary Rocky Mountaineer that will take you through the most majestic areas of the mountain range, a train journey is a perfect way to see Canada from a comfortable front row seat.

If you enjoy a good road trip, the drive along the Icefield Parkway will really feed your wanderlust and capture your imagination. Take a stop off at the glacier skywalk and get a birds-eye view of the Sunwapta valley from a glass floor stretching 280 metres over the landscape. With truly majestic views, this opportunity is an experience like no other and provides a completely unique way of viewing an amazing landscape.

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Sensational cities

If you’re more of a city slicker and enjoy exploring the urban jungle rather than the natural forests, Canada has plenty of cities that offer interesting day trips and unique night outs. Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is filled with everything from art galleries and museums to the 400 acre High Park and the Toronto Zoo. The coastal metropolis with its famous CN tower and soaring skyscrapers will certainly promise a city break like no other.

If you’re looking for a city loved by many, used in a multitude of films and TV shows and home to the most ethnically diverse communities, Vancouver is the city for you. The coastal seaport hosts a culturally vast music scene and is well known for its unique art gallery, displaying work from regional artists in the area. There is also the prestigious Museum of Anthropology that houses some of the most important collections in the field and will surely send you reeling.

For a city that is steeped in history with rich European roots and charming cobbled streets, Quebec is the perfect place to spend your days exploring. The French province is recognised for its quaint buildings and romantic atmosphere while being on the doorstep to some beautiful natural landscapes. From the grand spiers of Chateau Frontenac to the cascading waters of Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, a waterfall higher than Niagara, the sites of the city of Quebec tell a remarkable story that you too will be telling for years to come.

So whip out the laptop and start searching for your 2019 holiday, one that may just become the best you ever have.

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